building2Our History

For more than 30 years, Dollar Western Wear has focused its efforts in the old fashioned way of doing business, face to face with the end consumer. The times have changed and now Dollar Western Wear can be shared and enjoyed in an online shopping experience.

In 1981, Larry Moore and his wife Nita were owners of a successful business in Lubbock, which included some clothing. On the fringe of the Urban Cowboy Era, Larry Moore made a deal on some Western-style shirts. He started with a dozen and advertised “Buy two, get the third for $1.” The Dollar promotion was a big hit, and Moore quickly sold through four more shipments of shirts. At a time when many retailers were trying there hardest to get out of Western Wear, Moore was ready to jump in. He added roper boots next and by 1982, inspired by his first Western Wear promotion, hung a “Dollar Western Wear” shingle outside of his existing store. After pouring the profits of goods sold back into new merchandise, Dollar Western Wear had grown beyond the small space reserved for clothing in his existing store and opened it’s first stand alone Dollar Western Wear. By this time, Larry Moore had earned the respect of Western manufacturers and was able to invest in top-quality merchandise.

In 1988, full-time Texas Tech college student Michael Kahn went to work for Moore as a sales clerk. This was not Kahn’s first stint in the Western industry, he had started selling Western Wear in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at the age of 15 and came to Dollar Western Wear with four years of experience. By Kahn’s senior year at Tech, he had become the store’s assistant manager. After college graduation, Kahn took over as the store manager, then on to general manager, and into his current position of CEO for the parent company and business partner of the President and Founder Larry Moore.

The Dollar Western Wear of today bears little resemblance to the original store. Since 2000, Dollar Western Wear has been located in the heart of Lubbock Texas at the corner of 50th and Slide Road. The merchandise found in the store is focused around a lifestyle instead of merely just filling departments with products to fill the shelves. Dollar Western Wear is a reliable barometer for style and trends in the Western industry. Thoroughly modern in both merchandise and marketing, Dollar Western Wear sets the trends in Western fashions instead of following them. The focus is on creating and designing many of the products and not just selling the ones the industry has to offer.

Our Mission

To become leaders in the industries we serve bootsthrough the products we sell and through the service we offer. Striving to provide unsurpassed customer service in a courteous and professional manner with both team and individual pride and company spirit. Our business is only as strong as the service we provide. Our growth is contingent on the dedication and passion to the process. Our company is a professional learning experience for some and a long-standing career for others, always teaching, always learning, shaping and changing the industries in which we serve. “Leading the way for others to follow.”

Our Team

Normally when you think of a retail store’s team, immediately you think of the sales associates, the managers, and the office personnel, but at Dollar Western Wear, it is so much more. Our Team is comprised of the staff inside the store as well as our partners in the Western industry. Dollar Western Wear values its relationships with its vendors, manufacturers, and most important, it’s customers. With everyone focused on the same goal, you the customer get the opportunity to shop in a unique environment focused on providing you the most diverse collection of “Exclusive” products in one location. We strive to be constantly updating the products and presenting to you the items that you have not seen elsewhere. Our Team is completely focused to never settle, to always seek out the next trend and to make sure that we anticipate the merchandise that you will be demanding tomorrow.